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Marble Surface


Q: Where did you grow up?

A:  I grew up in the Midwest in the great state of Ohio! I claim both Cincinnati & Columbus. 


Q: Where are you located now?

A:  I live and work in Los Angeles but serve a clientele that is scattered across the country.


Q: Why does someone hire a wardrobe stylist?

A:  My clients are busy business professionals. They travel often, they typically have families and want to spend their limited free time doing what they love with who they love! But most importantly, they understand the value of looking their best and that their appearance has a direct correlation on their confidence and how they are perceived. My clients hire me for a layer of confidence that they will put on every day as they get dressed. They know that when they step out the door they will look their best, feel their best and win each day.

In addition, new clients often reach out when they’re going through a big change in their lives. They want their clothing to reflect an elevation of status. It can be a major promotion, an upcoming wedding (or even more often, an upcoming divorce), moving to a different part of the world, getting in shape, achieving a major goal, or reinventing oneself.


Q: What’s your favorite part about your job?

A:  I’ve always responded to the physicality of fabric, pattern and color.  And I particularly enjoy the detective work of tracking down items that will suit a client’s personality, aesthetic, lifestyle and body to a T.  But the absolutely best moments are slipping a piece of clothing onto a client who has no idea how amazing they’ll look and seeing their reaction in the mirror. There’s a simultaneous shot of adrenaline and sizzle of self-confidence as it hits them how attractive they can be, and that it’s all within reach.


Q: Big insight to conclude?

A:  Much of what we respond to in celebrity or advertising images is the work of professionals . . . hairdressers, makeup artists, physical trainers, photographers and wardrobe stylists. The good news is that these professionals – including yours truly as a wardrobe stylist – are available for hire and can work their magic on non-celebrities just as brilliantly as they do for their famous clientele!

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